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How to Know if you Eligible for Medicare

If you have health insurance, you can receive medical treatment from the best doctors and facilities in the business without worrying about the thousands of dollars it costs. But in as much as health insurance is important and beneficial in several ways like having access to lower prescription costs, more than twenty-eight million people in the country are not insured. Medicare helps in alleviating the concerns and stress of these individuals but only those who qualify. To learn about Medicare’s eligibility requirements and whether you meet them or not, continue reading the following article.

The first thing you should know about Medicare is that is a health insurance program created by the federal government with four different parts covering specific things. Medicare part A, although not helpful for those who want access to lower prescription costs, it alleviates the stress by paying the medical bill when for your stay in a hospital or nursing home. If you don’t have health insurance and you have to visit a doctor regularly, you know how expensive it can be since you don’t enjoy lower prescription costs either, but Medicare part B is here to help.

Being enrolled in the first two plans of Medicare is very important because it is a requirement for qualification to Medicare Advantage or part C which does not include lower prescription costs. Medicare part D is of tremendous benefits to long-term medication users because it enables access to lower prescription costs. As you can see, Medicare is just as important as health insurance whether you will benefit from lower prescription costs or not.

If you are an American citizen or permanent resident over the age of sixty-five you are eligible, however, you will enjoy more benefits like not paying premium for Medicare part A if you meet certain qualifications like being a social security beneficiary. Medicare coverage is not for those who are above sixty-five years only, it is available to you too if you qualify to with lower prescription costs one of the awaiting benefits.

With the numerous benefits of this insurance comes a cost that you are expected to pay which usually vary from one person to another based on different things before you can have lower prescription costs. Like with most types of insurance, if you have higher income, you can expect to pay a higher premium for Medicare coverage although many people usually don’t have to pay premium for Medicare part A. Now you know everything there is to know about Medicare including its amazing benefits like access to lower prescription costs and eligibility.

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